Episode 033: Hocus Pocus

Ari and Dan explore the halloween classic, Hocus Pocus (1993).  They are joined once again by sister-wives Shannon Gomiller and Kimberley Gomiller.  Check your volume levels, as the fun had got a bit noisy. Kimberley and Ari also discuss the … Continue reading

Episode 030: It Follows

Ari and Dan begin their countdown to Halloween this week by discussing the indie horror file It Follows (2014).  Listen as they discuss STGs and ambiguous time periods.  Also tune in for a special promo for the Million McFly March, … Continue reading

Episode 027: Hot Shots!

In this installment of Why Did I Buy This?, Dan and Ari discuss the classic Top Gun parody, Hot Shots! (1991).  Dan learns that all his favorite spoofs are a genre of one man, Jim Abrahams, and realizes he probably … Continue reading

Episode 022: Insidious and Housebound

In this episode, Ari and Dan are joined by their friend Shannon to discuss why they bought Insidious (2010) and also why Shannon bought the kiwi made movie Housebound (2014) half an hour into watching it on Netflix.  Laughs and … Continue reading

Episode 008: Poltergeist and Paranormal Activity

Dan and Ari explore the ethereal and try to free themselves from the grip of ghouls and daemons in this episode.  Tune in to hear their opinions on Poltergeist (1982) and Paranormal Activity (2007). … Continue reading

Episode 007: The Scream Series

To celebrate seeing Scream 4 (2011) opening night, Dan and Ari convince their roommate Carrie to join in on reviewing the whole series.  See how long they last before making an inappropriate comment.  The answer MAY surprise you! Scream (1996) … Continue reading