Episode 029: Kung Fu Hustle

This week Ari and Dan beat people Looney Tunes style by reviewing the Stephen Chow film, Kung Fu Hustle (2004).  They discuss their favorite parts and Ari finds out Dan didn’t really even watch it the first time.  It’s a … Continue reading

Episode 027: Hot Shots!

In this installment of Why Did I Buy This?, Dan and Ari discuss the classic Top Gun parody, Hot Shots! (1991).  Dan learns that all his favorite spoofs are a genre of one man, Jim Abrahams, and realizes he probably … Continue reading

Episode 005: Left Behind, Religulous, and Life of Brian

In this special extra-long episode, Dan and Ari risk alienating their audience by reviewing three religiously based movies: Left Behind (2001), Religulous (2008), and Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979).  But before all this:  Sucker Punch (2011) … Continue reading

Episode 004: Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models

Dan and Ari talk about two movies starring many of the members of Mtv’s The State.  Enjoy the great ensemble casts of Wet Hot American Summer (1991) and Role Models (2008).  Also they saw Paul (2011). … Continue reading