Peet’s offers limited internets…

Reviews are hard to do when I don’t have an internet connection.   It is probably better for my attention span when I can’t continuously refresh facebook whenever my brain starts firing blanks for twenty minutes.  However, counter to my obvious awesomeness, I do not know off the top of my head who directed Six-String Samurai or what year “High Noon” came out.  I’m also unsure as to whether I’m supposed to italicize film names or put them in quotes.  Even if I have looked these details up a hundred and fifty-three times before, I still depend on IMDB and Google to give me instant info so that my review feels free-flowing and uninterrupted.

That being said, I could always just write some ellipses or make up data and highlight it in red so that I know to go back and enter the proper information later.  I should probably have just done that instead of admitting to my readers that I’m supremely lazy and I hate going back and editing.  Oh well, damage done.  Now to write my uninformed reviews!

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