Why Did I Buy This? is a blog and podcast explaining why Dan and Ari own the movies in their large and eclectic DVD collection. Part review, part personal history, and a bit off color, you may actually learn something too!

Who the Hell is Asking?

(Or: About the Authors)


Ari Jarvis

Movies are my life (okay, right up there with books). Books and movies are my life (I like animals, too, but that’s a story for another time). Because of my love of movies, I’ve accumulated several DVD’s. In the 400+ range by now.

I’m watching my all-time favorite scene of a movie ever at the moment. Since you’ll never guess what it is, I’ll just tell you. It’s the seduction scene from Crazy, Stupid, Love with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. I do love this movie, but I honestly bought the DVD for this scene.

I’ve done that a lot, bought an entire film just for a scene, a plot line, an actor/character. I think I collect them. I’m a fiction writer, and I probably use this collection of scenes/plots/characters for inspiration in my own stories. Stealing like an artist, you know.

I went to school for journalism, and really loved learning how to write succinctly, but my passion redirected towards cinema. I took my first film studies course my junior year of college, and I was flummoxed. My teacher, who I adored, wanted the class to dissect the first scene of His Girl Friday. We had to explain what we saw occurring in the scene.

To me: Rosalind Russell entered the newsroom and walked across the room to the office in the back.

Boom. Done.

The lights came on. Anne stood at the front of the class and demanded to know what we’d seen. What we noticed. Our impressions, interpretations. What did this scene say to us.

After listening to the rest of my classmates breakdown the confidence Russel’s character demonstrates in the newsroom, implying the confidence she exudes as a female in a male-dominated field, especially in the 40’s, ultimately told me that I was in well over my head.

I met with Anne in her office, and she asked, “What do you want out of this class?”

Mostly, I just wanted to watch movies. But I was intrigued now. There was a lot more to “watching movies” than simply watching them. There was a hidden language there. What props are placed in a scene, the colors, the words, the music. It wasn’t just plot and characters, it was so much more, that swept you to another place and time. And I wanted to learn that.

And I wanted to write about it.

And so I do, albeit not in a professional setting like I once thought I would. But that’s fine. I love talking about movies, even casually.

When I say movies are my life, I don’t just mean I’m obsessive (which I totally am. I’ve just seen Star Wars 7 for the seventh time), I mean to say that I live to interpret, assimilate, and enjoy films. And force encourage others to do the same. I hope you’ll join me!