Episode 029: Kung Fu Hustle

0029posterThis week Ari and Dan beat people Looney Tunes style by reviewing the Stephen Chow film, Kung Fu Hustle (2004).  They discuss their favorite parts and Ari finds out Dan didn’t really even watch it the first time.  It’s a thrill ride through and through!  PS:  Sing is Wolverine!

Pod Question:  What is your favorite non-american film?

Due to the chinese-ness of the film, there are no scenes in the podcast.  So enjoy this youtube video of the opening dance number!

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Episode 028: The Mummy

0028posterJoin Ari and Dan as they take Kimberley to ancient Egypt!  In this episode they discuss The Mummy (1999).  As “High Priestess of the First Church of Brendan Fraser“, listen as Kimberley sighs at the mention of his name and Ari swoons over Rachel Weisz.

Pod Question:  Who is your favorite movie couple?

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Episode 027: Hot Shots!


In this installment of Why Did I Buy This?, Dan and Ari discuss the classic Top Gun parody, Hot Shots! (1991).  Dan learns that all his favorite spoofs are a genre of one man, Jim Abrahams, and realizes he probably has to watch Scary Movie 4.  Meanwhile, Ari discusses her hatred for the love interest, Ramada.

Pod Question:  What is your favorite spoof movie (and Mel Brooks spoof movie!)?

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Episode 026: The Princess Bride

0026posterIn this episode, Dan and Ari are joined by their friends Kimberley and Shannon.  A raucous time is had discussing and dissecting the story and tropes of The Princess Bride (1987), and comparisons are made with the book.

Pod Question:  What movie do you know so well you find yourself able to quote it forwards and backwards?

Bonus Pod Question:  If you have one, what is your favorite line from The Princess Bride?

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Episode 025: Three to Tango

0025posterIn this episode, Dan and Ari discuss the Matthew Perry vehicle, Three to Tango (1999).  They discuss stereotypes and breaking through them.  They also examine how Neve Campbell plays a savvy Pixie Dream Girl.  All that, and more, inside!

Pod Question:  What is a movie that you enjoy that pushes the boundaries of political correctness?
Answer in the comments!

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No Podcast This Week, But New Theme!

wdibticonDue to Ari having her wisdom teeth out, we do not have a new podcast this week.  What we DO have is a new theme song written, created, and performed by Jason Klamm, so enjoy that!

Episode 024: The Emperor’s New Groove

0024posterDan and Ari discuss the severely underrated Disney film, The Emperor’s New Groove (2000).  They discuss lamp-shading and breaking the fourth wall.  Prepare for 00’s depression as Ari divulges how much she’s seen the film, and even more so when she discusses how much she’s heard the film.  Tune in!

Pod Question:  Who is your favorite talking animal in a movie?  Answer in the comments!

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Episode 023: Idiocracy

0023posterIn this episode, Ari and Dan are joined by the foremost experts in the field of Idiocraciology, Jason Klamm (Comedy on Vinyl) and Kimberley.  There are discussions on the realities foretold by Idiocracy (2006) and Mike Judge.  Also, Jay quotes Dax Shepard.  A lot.  It’s because they are so similar in their loves of money and ‘batin’.  Sit back and enjoy!


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Episode 022: Insidious and Housebound

0022posterIn this episode, Ari and Dan are joined by their friend Shannon to discuss why they bought Insidious (2010) and also why Shannon bought the kiwi made movie Housebound (2014) half an hour into watching it on Netflix.  Laughs and screams are had and, of course, there are shenanigans.  We apologize for any poorly done New Zealish accents you may encounter.


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Episode 021: Fantastic Mr. Fox

0021posterTo commemorate International Children’s Book Day, Ari and Dan discuss the Wes Anderson animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) based upon the Roald Dahl book of the same name.  A discussion on how not liking this film is wrong is had.



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